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Last Updated: March 13th, 2023

PHOTO: Mary Sarhar

Mary Sarkar

Missionary Of
Jesus Christ
In Bangladesh


PHOTO teaching teaching children I am Mary Sarkar. I am twenty years old. I am a student. I do ministry work as a missionary besides studies. I teach as well as preach the word of Jesus. Please pray for me.

I live in Aroshnagor, Upazila, Dumuria in the District of Khulna, Bangladesh

Most of our people in Bangladesh are Muslims (90%), here we have to preach the word of Jesus through many difficulties. Many problems come in life. Many here do not know about Jesus.

I work very hard in life. Preaching the word of Jesus. I want to preach the word of Jesus all my life. But I have no one to rely on. I trust only in Jesus and no one helps me. My life depends on Jesus.

I live in a small village and all are Muslims. Please pray for my family and ministry.

Mary Sarkar
May Jesus bless you abundantly.


Email: Saymonsarkar763@gmail.com
Mobile: +8801310365074
Facebook: Mary Sarkar


3/12/2023 Please don't misunderstand me. My ministry has run out of food for orphans and helpless poor children. In our Bangladesh, the price of everything is increasing. People are facing food problems. Many people are spending days of starvation.


I will be eternally grateful if you send me help.
Western Union:

First Name: Mary
Second Name: Sarkar
Location: Bangladesh
Be SURE to send the amount and MTCN# to me via Facebook Chat or Email.




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children PHOTO

children PHOTO

children PHOTO

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