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Helps Communications is a Helps Ministry operating under a Business model to maintain order. Most services are offered freely with the understanding that the recipients of services and others that can afford to contribute should so others that cannot afford to contribute will be enabled. Although services are often offered "freely" the efforts to produce and maintain them are not. Someone has to pay for them. Please keep that in mind as you peruse this site and others associated with it.

Helps Communications is first and foremost a Helps Ministry and secondarily a business where needed. By and large everything taken on here is organized as a specific project. Each project's finances are normally handled independently. Projects are accepted based on their benefit to others regardless of cost but it is at the sole discretion of the "company" whether a project is accepted or not. Projects can range from helping an underfunded missionary or ministry in a far off place to building and stocking an entire online historical library.

Our prime activity is producing information web pages and sites (sometimes hosting them) and producing and publishing mostly "freely available" eBooks. The eBook effort at present, is focused primarily on out of print books written in the 1800's about or by Missionaries to the kingdom of Hawaii. (See: Projects/TC-LIB) We also encourage others to step out and discover what they are capable of in assisting others in need of help.

Very often, we have found that the effort to help on even one small need can lead to the ability to help many others. As a result, that endeavours to adapt to the times and the needs for the greatest benefit possible.

It has been our practice and will be on this website to post little "discoveries" that can be used to help someone in the communications field. Those "discoveries" whether a snippet of code, a helpful program recommendation or a link to resources will be made publicly available for those who may need them as well as any advice we can give from experience.

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