Our Mission

A Helps Ministry:
It our purpose and design to do everything in love toward others to the degree that we are enabled by the Almighty God to do so. That particularly plays out in the field of communications assistance but is not limited in any way to that. The scriptures clearly point out that "Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as unto the LORD and not unto men. Everything we do, from the depth of our hearts, should be done to please Him.

Everyone who comes to the Messiah is called to the helps ministry. There is no one who is above that call or below it. No one too old or too young. Whether it is taking the time to mow a widow's lawn or the daily grind of going to work for no other reason other than to serve and please Him, the call to HELP cries out before us. The very things that God desires for us are very often right in front of us wrapped in the form of someone else's need. It is not by accident but rather by design that those needs of others appear before us.

"If one suffers, all suffer. If one is blessed, all are blessed." We are not independent of one another by design and should be utterly sensitive to one another's needs and the needs of others in the world around us. Working those things out before the ONE who sees all and knows our own hearts far better than we do.

It is our endeavour to practice and to encourage others to embrace the lifestyle of Helping Others.