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TC-LIB Collection - Paperbacks

This library project began somewhat unintentionally several years ago when we put 3 ebooks on our office server. That began to mushroom as more ebooks were added. At the date of this writing there are now over 115 ebooks by believers in the Lord Jesus the Messiah there in PDF, EPUB and Mobi (many of them also converted to "ReadOnline" webpage versions. There are several collections from other ministries including over 27 ebooks written by Nigerian Christians that somewhat show the quality of the present move of God there that is developing. Over 47,000 downloads of free ebooks over the last few years.

The other factor of this project is making available for free the ability of Christian authors who might not otherwise afford to have their books published and hosted which is often the case in so called "3rd world countries". It has been an utter pleasure serving them all to that end.

This project is hosted on what is now our recently acquired and set up commercial internet server in our office which also is "home" to other developing projects. GO THERE DIRECT