eBook Creation Index

cover300.jpg IMAGE This is a project to create tutorials that others can learn from on how to create ebooks, (ie PDF, EPUB, MOBI). This is a work in progress right now so I will be working on it as I have time. I'm trying to make these directions simple enough for EVERYONE so I will be going into detail a bit more than what experienced users may need but the objective of this tutorial is to make it simple enough for ANYONE to do, not just the "pros."

Note: If any of the below are linked then they are complete. Everything else is in process.

  • Basic PDF's
    • Converting a Web Page or Plain Text to PDF (using Google Chrome Browser) includes:
    • OpenOffice Writer to PDF
      (Requires installation of FREE "Open Office Suite" similar to MS Office)
      A very powerful and professional word processor...
    • LibreOffice Writer to PDF
      (Requires installation of FREE "Libre Office Suite" which is a version of OpenOffice but more developed and similar to MS Office). The tools of LibreOffice Writer are placed differently in the interface than standard OpenOffice Writer and there are more useful functions.
    • MS Word Online to PDF
      (Requires a free Microsoft account that you can get on the website)
      This is the Free online version of Microsoft Word.
    • MS Word to PDF
      (Requires MS Office Suite or stand alone MS Word)
      I don't have a copy of MS Word software but between the tutorials of MS Word Online, OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer, a person should be able to figure things out.
  • Using Calibre Ebook Management Software to create ebooks in (PDF, EPUB, MOBI and a dozen other formats). You can input documents from all the above programs mentioned including plain text documents and convert them to ebooks.
    • Calibre: Creating eBooks From Facebook Post (Simple). Just want to make simple PDF's of Facebook plain text posts? This is a page explaining how to simply take a text file and convert it into a PDF using Caliber. It is actually easier and better quality than opening a plain text file in Chrome and printing to PDF. You will need to familiarize yourself with Caliber to do this by going through the Caliber Ebook Management section above this first.